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Bitumen, which is used in base, asphalt and other road construction applications, is a by-product obtained during the distillation of petroleum. It is a thick, viscous liquid, usually black or dark brown in color. It is the most important product among the products used especially in the construction of roads. Bitumen is used in asphalt production by mixing with mineral fillers. Depending on the ratio of the materials in the mixture, the temperature, viscosity and durability properties of the bitumen used during production can be changed. Therefore, bitumen can be customized to suit different applications. Other uses of bitumen include waterproofing, roofing, protective coating, industrial flooring and electrical insulation. Bitumen can also be used as fuel in oil refineries. The quality of bitumen depends on factors such as contamination rate, temperature resistance, rheological properties, viscosity and chemical composition. There are many sources of bitumen around the world and each source has different properties. In particular, there are large sources of bitumen in the Middle East, North America, Europe and Asia.

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