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Petrochemical and Raw Material

As Esila Ticaret, we have a team specialized in petrochemical products and raw material supply. Thanks to our close cooperation with leading suppliers in the industry, we strive to provide our customers with high quality products.


Petrochemicals and raw materials are the basic building blocks of many different materials used in industrial production. Esila Ticaret is a company specialized in petrochemical and raw material supply. In this field, we strive to provide high quality products that suit our customers' needs.

Petrochemical products refer to chemicals obtained by processing petroleum. These products are used to make plastics, chemicals, paint, adhesives, detergents and many other industrial products. As Esila Ticaret, we work closely with leading suppliers in the industry to provide the highest quality petrochemical products for our customers.

Raw materials are materials extracted from natural sources. Many materials used in industrial production are obtained by processing these materials, which are called raw materials. As Esila Ticaret, we cooperate with the leading suppliers in the sector to provide our customers with high quality raw materials.


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