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Jet A1 is a kind of aviation fuel. As the name suggests, Jet A1 is a fuel designed for jet powered aircraft. Jet A1 is a colorless fuel with a low sulfur content and can also be used at low temperatures. The chemical properties of Jet A1 consist of majority of hydrocarbons, alkanes, alkenes and aromatic compounds. There are different variations of the Jet A1 depending on the features required for a particular flight mission. Jet A1 must have low freezing and pouring points to remain fluid even at low temperatures. In addition, Jet A1 is an environmentally friendly fuel with its low sulfur content. Another important feature of the Jet A1 is its high combustion efficiency. This allows airplanes to fly longer distances and consume less fuel. The Jet A1 is manufactured with stringent quality control and testing processes and is widely used in the aerospace industry.

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