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JP54 or Aviation Kerosene Jet Fuel is a type of jet fuel. This fuel is often used in the aviation industry such as commercial airplanes, jets and military aircraft. JP54 is a type of Jet A-1 fuel produced in Russia. This fuel contains low sulfur and low aromatic hydrocarbons, so it is an environmentally friendly option. JP54 is often used with some additives to provide higher flight performance. JP54 has an average density of 820 to 860 kg/m³ and has a freezing point at temperatures between -47 and 60 degrees Celsius. These features are important to enable airplanes to fly at high altitudes. JP54 is produced in accordance with international standards and is a type of jet fuel recognized by IATA (International Air Transport Association). For this reason, JP54 is the preferred fuel type in many aircraft used in the air transport industry worldwide.

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