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EN590 6OST 52368-2005


EN590 is a diesel fuel standard used in the European Union and other countries. 6OST 52368-2005 is China's national standard based on EN590 standard. EN590 is designed to meet features such as low sulfur content, low pollution level and high performance. This standard determines the quality of the fuels used in diesel powered vehicles and ensures that vehicles operate more efficiently. EN590 also reduces the impact on the environment by reducing the exhaust emissions of diesel powered vehicles. 6OST 52368-2005 is China's national standard for diesel fuels produced in accordance with EN590 standard. The purpose of this standard is to improve the quality of diesel powered vehicles used in China and to reduce environmental pollution. In addition to the EN590 standard, 6OST 52368-2005 also includes certain quality control requirements in accordance with the specific requirements in China. Diesel fuels produced in accordance with the EN590 6OST 52368-2005 standard are used throughout the world and are widely used especially in the automotive, construction, marine and energy industries. Fuels produced in accordance with this standard have high standards in terms of performance, environmental impact and quality and can be used safely and effectively.

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