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Gasoline Octane is a unit by which the quality of gasoline is measured. A higher octane number indicates a higher combustion quality of gasoline. This provides higher performance and less emissions. Gasoline is a combustible obtained during the distillation of petroleum. Petrol contains many compounds, and the properties of gasoline may vary according to their various combinations. The octane number depends on the ratio of isooctane and heptane, two important compounds in gasoline. Isooctane prolongs the burning time of gasoline, while heptane shortens it. A higher isooctane rating means a slower burn rate and a higher octane number. Many countries set standards that regulate the minimum octane number of gasoline. For example, standard gasoline in the USA is usually 87 octane, while in Europe gasoline with an octane rating of 95 or 98 is common. However, some high-performance vehicles require higher octane numbers. High octane gasoline is usually offered for these vehicles.

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